Friday, August 31, 2007

End of Aug 07

End of Aug 07

Another month coming to an end. Sigh.... Time really flies fast, another month gone in a flash.

Nothing new much going on in my life right now, less work and school, which both happen to be killing me at the moment. Hee.... Jz completed my 1st two assignments and going to start on the new ones, once I enjoyed this weekend.

Since I am bz with school, I had not been going to gym on a regular basis, ard 3 times per week. Ever since, I signed up for the 10km run, I had not been running as well. Sigh....

Watched quite a number of movies again but the ones that stood out are Hairspray, 881 and Ratatouille.

Had spent some time with my dear dog Oscar @ the dog run and it was fun!

Next month is really going to heat things up as I am going for reservist for 2 weeks. Going to be fun, going back again. Haa....

A "stoned" Polarbear

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