Friday, August 10, 2007

Blood Test Results

Blood Test Results

A few days ago, I was being "forced" to go for a blood test, not to test for HIV but for Hepatitis A and B. Hee...

Got my results today and it was negative, which means I dun have both but I dun have antibodies for both as well. A big relief for someone! Hee... Then I proceed to do vaccination jabs for both Hep A and B. During the injection, it does not hurt but it does make a dent on my wallet. Ouch!

Got 3 jabs altogether, the 2nd one in 1 mth time (10/09/07)and the 3rd one 6 mths down the road (10/02/08). All for my own good. Hee....

Went to the doc which took care of me since I was a baby and did a lot of catch up as well. It was great to see him again especially I had not visited him for the past 7 years. Hee... It was great seeing him again!

A "Hep A and B free" Polarbear

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