Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Crowds Everywhere!

Crowds Everywhere!

It seems like since the taxis fare have increased the number of people taking both buses and trains also increases ten fold. Well seems like everyone is refusing to take taxis any more, well including me. Haa....

However, now every morning, the trains are super crowded. So packed that I am unable to read my papers. I used to be able to do that as well. The people are packed in such a way that I can smell what soap, shampoo and perfume that they are using. it does not help when that guy is sweating like a pig. Haa...

Even on weekends morning, the trains are packed like sardines and yet the train only come every 7 mins or so. WTH? Trying to save cost by getting people to squeeze right?

Maybe SMRT should really re-looked into their schedule and have more trains during peak hours. Say a train every 2 mins or something like that.

I really pity those on wheelchair or those carrying a lot of things. They simply cannot even squeeze onto the trains.

A "hate to squeeze" Polarbear

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