Monday, January 21, 2008

A weekend of no gym!

A weekend of no gym!

It has been a very long since I had the whole weekend to myself and not going to gym for once. Haa... Nope I am not sick but then decided to do other things instead. Hee...

Sat was Sabrina's wedding lunch @ Four Season. Wow! High class place with a high class view on 20th floor. It was a small warm cosy event, buffet style. The food was quite good and got to catch up with some people as well. Simple classy even and Sab looked stunning in her red dress. Hee....

After which met up with LLT to do some shopping in Orchard, did not managed to get anything. Haa.... Maybe I am not a good shopping companion. Sigh! So we decided to watch movies instead, decided on Cloverfield. Hee..

It is all about a first person view form a cam recorder on a monster attack! This is a either you love it or you hate it movie. For me I loved it! I think it was a great movie although you will need to get some time to get used to the cam recorder view. It does make people giddy leh. Haa... The first 15 mins was boring and I was getting used to the view, however once the monster came out, everything changes! The point where the head of the Statue of Liberty landed in front of them, really set the pace of the movie! The CGI were really good as well! Overall I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Sunday, went swimming with my fren. It has been a long time since I swam and got to say that I am back in my element. Haa... To top it up, the sun was out in full force! I am so loving it! I manged to swim 30 laps! Woohoo! Now a bit aching and burning though. Haa... I got my tan back as well. I need to swim more man! Well at least I started swimming again!

Next met up with my group of close frens to do some CNY shopping. However it seems like we did not managed to get anything. It has been a long time since we met up as a group! Should really do this more often alr. Seems like my distance with him also getting longer alr. Sigh... Sad.

So after a full day of swimming and walking, I ended wit a very bad tummy ache. Sigh.. Wonder what did I eat to cause such discomfort. Sigh... Me and my mouth again!

A "in pain" Polarbear

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