Friday, January 25, 2008

Buffet time!

Buffet time!

Had dinner with LLT colleagues today! Had been expecting this since last Christmas. wahaha.... A big group of 12 people including me and we went down to this supposedly very good and "worth the money" buffet @ Mirama Hotel. However I was disappointed by it. It was sort of opposite of what I had expected though. I am really not a sashimi fan and the sushi are considered average. It is not really worth of the $33 I am paying.

After dinner, we broke off with the group and decided to head home. Had a detour and decided to catch a movie since there are a lot of movies that I wanna to watch anyway. Hee.... However since most of the movies are not showing @ that cinema or odd hours, we decided to watch 27 Dresses.

It is a simple romantic story where the female lead, Jane, actually had been bridesmaid for 27 times and was really becoming more of a wedding planner rather than bridesmaid. She got a calendar full of weddings to attend and can even squeeze in 2 weddings a night. She always had a crush on her boss but in the end it was her sister that got engaged to him instead by lying through.

This movie is those simple romantic story where 5 mins into the movie you will know where the ending is heading to. Wahaha.... I loved the part where she got to put on the 27 dresses again! Some of the themes are really too weird! I loved this kind of brainless romantic story. Haa.... Overall I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

I am like the female lead that most of the times will go all way out to help out friends but then if I need help would anyone come and help me out? I wonder? Hmm......

One movie down, a lot more to go!

A "romantic wannabe" Polarbear

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