Sunday, January 27, 2008

Boring Sat, Funny Sun

Boring Sat, Funny Sun

Sat was boring, only spend a very long time at Suntec doing nothing. Sigh...

Oh yah, one thing did happened, went to buy a new phone for my mum at a Starhub road show. Then when I reached home, I saw a Starhub letter. When I open the letter, i saw a voucher of $100 from them, for me to spend on a new phone. WTF? The contract for the phone was over since Oct last yr and it took them 3 mths to send me the voucher. Out of all days, it arrived the day I paid for a new phone and recontracted. Sigh....

28 Jan:I have called up Starhub to state my displeasure. Now awaiting for them to get back to me to see what they had to offered.

31 Jan: Someone from Starhub jz called me up during lunch. What a time to call! Give me all the motherhood reasons why they took so long to give me voucher. Blah Blah Blah... In the end they offering me free caller id but I forgot to 6 mths or for 12 mths alr. Sigh... This is the best they can do!

Sunday was more interesting! Haa... Went swimming again in the morning! This time round, there is sun but it keeping hiding behind the clouds. I still managed to do 30 laps. Hee... Getting darker by the min!

After which, we met up with Bobo @ National Library to watch "Chesty Nutty Bang Bang: The Hairspray of the Phoenix", the latest Chestnut show!

This year, there are new additions in the cast. However this does not mean new sparks. A bit disappointed by that. I like the Pondon skit and the 88251 skit with the hokkien version of Umbrella. This year I have watched most of them stuff that they have spoofed so it is easier to understand. Haa.... Do find that this year show is not as funny as last year maybe cos last year was a compilation of those last 10 yrs shows. Hee.... However I will still catch it next year!

After which, met up with FZ and went for a teochew restaurant for dinner. It was quite good and got a homely feeling to it. The food is up to standard, we did not order a lot, braised goose, steam fish, a vegetable dish, prawn roll and yam paste. This place will be good for those people who like traditional teo chew food would be happy with the food there!

After which, a last min decision, we headed for KTV session. Totally crazy! It was a fun outing; we should really do all these more often. Wahaha....

A "very tired" Polarbear

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