Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year! New Resolutions!

New Year! New Resolutions!

It is the time of the year to review last year and to welcome the new year 2008!

Let do the review 1st. So what are my 2007's resolution?

1. To lose 10 - 20 kg of my weight
2. To do my best in my current job.
3. To pick up a new hobby and a new language. Wakeboarding anyone?
4. To do more dives or to take up rescue diving.
5. To do my best in my studies, get good results.
6. To spend more time with my family and OSCAR.
* Above resolutions are subjected to changes throughout the year. Haa....

Hmm.... Well those in bold are the ones that I am proud of. Haa...

1. I have lost ard 10 plus kg. Hmm... trying very hard to get rid of the another 10kg but I am happy with the progress. Does feel good when people mention that I looked thinner. Hee.....

2. I am already 1 yr plus in my current job and did not job hop so I consider it ok. More new challenges (projects) coming up so have to work harder!

3. Managed to do a bit of rock climbing, that all. Sigh...

4. Only did one diving trip in Jun. Sad. :( However it was a nice dive with a group of fun loving people.

5. Managed to pass all my modules, so next yr only left with FYP! Can see the ending point!

6. Did not really spend a lot of time with family but then we always try to meet up for dinners etc. Brought Oscar out for a few events. Thinking of bringing him for some obedience classes.

So what can I look forward in 2008? Hmm....

1. Continue to lost more weight. Target another 10kg. Hope to reach 80 kg soon! I know I can make it one!

2. Do more dives (Really I missed the underwater world) and take up rescue diving. This year will be the year that I do it!

3. Complete my FYP with all my effort and by doing so, finally I will complete the full journey! Target a "B" range!

4. Spend more time with my family, Oscar and my relatives. This is most important. At least try to have 1 family dinner per week.

5. Spend more time with frens as well. Seems like having a few frenship problems this yr. Hmm... where have gone wrong? Catch up with them once a mth at least!

6. Spend time with YOU, you should know who you are. Haa.... This year went on quite smoothly with a few bumps here and there. Thks for being patient and understanding with me.

7. I will do at least another 10km run, to better my last record and 21km at the SCM at the end of 2008. So I need to run more often. 2 times a week.

8. In gym, to start some of the weights training together with the classes.

9. I need to swim more often. Per week at least once, 50 laps.

10. Do 2 relaxing / backpacking travel trips overseas. By Planeno less! Hee....

Hee.... I know I can do that above in 2008! Let stay focus ok!

A "getting my act together" Polarbear

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