Saturday, November 25, 2006

A presentation nightmare!

A presentation nightmare!

Before I starting enjoying my weekend, I had to go through hell by “preparing” for the presentation at last Saturday. On Thursday, we met up and was supposed to discussed abt the presentation slides, in the end it turned out that that “leader wanna to be” actually completed all the slides and left one slide for me to complete. He completed the whole 19 slides and asked me to write the conclusion. What was he thinking? However, the discussion before that was we will meet up and combined all our slides together and he did not even mentioned that he had completed all the slides alr. The next thing was I was the one doing the presentation and there he was telling me what to say for slide1,2, etc. Come on loh, if you are the preparing the slides then jolly well you do the presentation la. He was telling me you dun stumble when you are presenting, blah blah blah. Then I should of snapped and retorted that I had been doing presentations dunno since when, if you think I cannot do a good job then you can always do the presentation instead of me! That sort of shut him up for only awhile. Went home, get ready all the notes that I need to say for the slides. On Friday, I had to print the slides and prepared them into folder. That idiot called me up and jz to check that I had done what he ask me to. Basket! If you dun have trust in me, then you jolly well do it yourself!

On Friday night (less than 12 hrs from the presentation), I got a rude shocked! That idiot, yes HIM again, asked another fren to relay me a msg that he had added some new slides in the presentation. First thing, why he cannot call me and tell me directly? Second thing, a bit too early to tell me that right? Really made me so pissed off alr! Never mind I bear with it!

This morning was the presentation, and first thing to see is his black face! Well I dun care abt him, jz bear with him have minimum conversation. Lecturer came, showed him what we had done and the presentation was done in 15 mins time. It went on smoothly even though there are some comments on the slides. After the presentation, a little chat with the lecturer, cleared up all the things then said my good byes, not to that idiot of course then I made my way home and hope that we will not crossed path ever again!

Yeah! Finally both exam and presentation are over. Time to study hard is over and now it is Time to play hard!

A very pissed then relieved Polarbear

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