Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Botak Jones for lunch today! Time to panic!

Botak Jones for lunch today! Time to panic!

Yes! I had Botak Jones for lunch today! Haa... with a fren of mine. Well We went to the AMK outlet, although there was not a lot of ppl but we have to wait 30 mins for the food. However, it was worth the wait. The food that came was up to standard worth the $$ leh. The portion also very big as well. Well this is what I had ordered: CAJUN CHICKEN PLATE

The chicken breast was tender and juicy with the cheese on top. There are also sambal chili onntp and was a bit too spicy for my own liking. Haa... Plenty of fries and vege. Jz great. I was so full for the whole day after eating the whole thing. Haa.... As had a long and good chat with my fren during lunch, all the best to you and hope your wish will come true soon!

During work today, I was trying to complete my part for the project. I hope I had done enough. Haa... However I think I can do better if I had enough information.

After work, met up with LLT for movie. Haa.... Had not watched a movie for almost 2 weeks alr. Today we had subway for dinner, even though I was full from today's lunch, I still ate my sandwich in record time. Haa.... Missed their sandwich and their white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. LUVED IT!

For movie, watched "Flushed Away". It was so funny! Haa... The movie made the sewer looks like a cool place to stay in. All the rats, slugs and toads looks so cute as well. Haa..... Especially the slugs, great singers! The movie is abt a rat that think that he had everything, "frens", family, etc. However after was being flushed down to the sewers, and was transported to a different place, he then realised that what he had been missing in his life, Real Frens, Real Family. Another thing abt the movie is do not lie for the sake of saving face. It will bring you no where and the truth will always surfaces back. Overall the movie is worth 4 starts out of 5. Presenting to you..... The Singing Slug!

For one I am sure, I do have real frens and family in my life now. Haa..... Hey LLT, got one little request, next time when we meet, can we dun mention "him" any more. Dun wanna our lives to jz surround around him only right? Hee...Hee....

Tonight is relaxed night before I start to mug for my exams. Haa.... Hmm... feeling a bit strange now. Hope that I dun fall sick now! Haa.....

A very relaxed Polarbear

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