Tuesday, November 14, 2006



It had been a crazy weekend because of a lot of things happened especially on Sat Nite! Today was the deadline for my project report. I started working on it since last week and after many sleepless nights, I finally completed it and submitted to school today! In the nick of time AGAIN! Haa...Haa.... It is a bad habit of mine, where I sort of like to leave things to last min then do it. Though I like to do things under pressure but hope to change this "bad" habit of mine!
Sat morning, I passed my skating lesson lvl 1. Haa... Finally. Going to take a break until my exam are over before starting on lvl 2. LLT passed on Sunday, sorry that I cannot join you as I am rushing my report then.

Now come to Sat nite.... it all started off with dinner with a group of frens which sort of had not meet up for some time and had a great time catching up with each other. After which, we moved onto watch the musical that I had been waiting for "LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS" by the DIM SUM DOLLIES!

The story was old but they revised it to local context. The main star of the show is a man eating plant named Audrey II and her demand to eat human. Overall the story is tight, exciting and funny. There is nothing horror of it but can see the plant grow is amazing, and she can talk and sing as well. Haa.... Of course I am there for Dim Sum Dollies, although they are like the supporting cast but they were great with their singing and acting! I totally loved -them and hoped to be part of them like a hao caw or siew mai! Haa..... Of course the rest of the cause like Hossan Leong, Denise Tan and Robin Goh are great as well. Overall I will give it 4 stars out of five. Next year, hope Dim Sum Dollies will bring back their original show. That one totally rocks leh! After the show, I went to get their autographs from all the cast. Haa... I even took a pic with Dim Sum Dollies, but I am going to post the other pic of the Dim Sum Dollies without me. Haa....

After the show, we went for the post musical program which is to visit GB. Someone had been waiting very long for this to happen. First, we went to MOX. Everything was great down there, from the drinks to the service everything! I think must make it one of my regular chill out place to go! I loved that place.

However, got ppl say that the place not that happening, so we went downstairs to HAPPY. Haa.... The entrance fee was really cheap, only $15 plus a drink. As they were promoting safe sex that day, every guy (how come gal dun have?) who went in will be given the following:

Yes, Condoms, not 1, not 2 but 3 of them. Haa.... Quite a lot for a night-out right. Think there is current a awareness thingy going on for safe sex, that might explain for the free condoms. Haa.... Inside is a totally different place. It is damned packed and damned Happening! Of couse being a GB disco, it consist of 99% of guys and 1% of gals. Everyone there seems like having fun! It seems more happening than other disco lo. Haa..... Looks like I must get a few G frens so that can go clubbing with them. Haa..... We went in at the right time, where they happen to have a model show and guys models were walking ard and stripping down to their "barely there" underwear. The gals are like watching and drooling at the same time esp P who rushed to the get a better view. Haa..... After that we jz hang ard, danced a bit and then decided to call it end of the day, to the dismay of someone. Haa.....

After a happening night-out, I still managed to go home and work on my report before I go and sleep. Haa.... Then the rest on the Sunday and yesterday were spent rushing on my report. Sianzz...

Some how or rather, I think I dun really work well with my group of project mates. Seem like they are talking a lot among themselves and do not share it out. I have to ask before I can get the information. Worse still no answer from them and have to ask around from them. Sigh.... Maybe it is me la... maybe. Well it is going to be over soon. For the next few days, I am going to be mugging for my paper on next Monday! Hope I will go better for this paper. Haa..... Wish me luck!

A "going to hug Buddha leg" Polarbear

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