Friday, November 10, 2006

One week in my new job.... Finally got out of my house 2nite

One week in my new job.... Finally got out of my house 2nite

It had been 10 days since I started on this job, so far so good. I am bz with a project trying to learn the ropes, facing a problem or two but all people are very willingly to help me out. It was great. Hope I can finish what ever I need to do by early next week.

Seem like I have to give up on my project, I really dunno what went wrong and I dunno how to solve it. Now I had to focus on my report as it is due next Tuesday and had to be submitted by hand. Really rushing to finish the report by next Monday. That is why I had been hiding at home for the past week trying to rush and finish my project. Hmm....

Today LLT jioed me out for dinner. Thks for jioing me out or dinner and getting me out of my house. Actually thought of asking you out for dinner also but scare you might not want to go out now. I think I really need to go out for some fresh air and talk to someone face to face for once. It was a nice dinner and chat with you. Really hope that you can take care of yourself, recently had been getting too many MC for the wrong reasons. Remember that you are not made of iron, do not wait for things to happen until too late ok? Well you seem much better now. Take care leh. Dun make everyone including me worry for u loh. Haa....

My exams are coming soon. Really hope that I got time to study. Haa....

Till then.... Take care

A very tired Polarbear

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