Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Will Rock You!

"We Will Rock You, the musical by Queen and Ben Elton, UK’s most successful comic writer, is an electrifying show that’s guaranteed to blow your mind and is set to rock Singapore from 28 March 2008 at the Esplanade Theatre.

Now in its 6th year on London’s West End, where it continues to play to packed houses, We Will Rock You has captivated 6 million theatre-goers around the world from London to Las Vegas, Toronto to Tokyo and beyond.

We Will Rock You is an enormous multi-million dollar musical featuring stunning costumes, sets and lighting. The talented international cast includes New Zealand’s pop princess Annie Crummer as the Killer Queen and “Rock Star INXS” finalist Miguel Ayesa, who reprises his West End success, in the starring role of Galileo.

We Will Rock You is not a Queen tribute but a “rock musical’ featuring 26 of Queen’s legendary hits including “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Are The Champions”, “Killer Queen”, “Another One Bites The Dust” and “This Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.

We Will Rock You delivers a show that reflects the scale and spectacle that marked Queen’s live performances and earned the band its pinnacle position in rock history."

On impulse, decided to go and catch this musical. Bought Cat 2 ($120) quite decent seats and to see that the weekday was not crowded at all! Before I watch this musical, all I knew was it was based on the Queen's song, which really I dunno much less, only know most of them are ROCK n ROLL! (From Sistic)

The Story

"The time is the future, in a place that was once called Earth. Globalisation is complete!

Everywhere, the kids watch the same movies, wear the same fashions and think the same thoughts.

It's a safe, happy, Ga Ga world. Unless you're a rebel. Unless you want to Rock. On Planet Mall all musical instruments are banned. The Company Computers generate the tunes and everybody downloads them. It is an age of Boy Bands and of Girl Bands. Of Boy and Girl Bands. Of Girl Bands with a couple of boys in them that look like girls anyway. Nothing is left to chance, hits are scheduled years in advance.

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality
But Resistance is growing. Underneath the gleaming cities, down in the lower depths live the Bohemians. Rebels who believe that there was once a Golden Age when the kids formed their own bands and wrote their own songs. They call that time, The Rhapsody.

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see
Legend persists that somewhere on Planet Mall instruments still exist. Somewhere, the mighty axe of a great and hairy guitar god lies buried deep in rock. The Bohemians need a hero to find this axe and draw it from stone.

Is the one who calls himself Galileo that man?

He’s just a poor boy. From a poor family
But the Ga Ga Cops are also looking for Galileo and if they get him first they will surely drag him before the Killer Queen and consign him to oblivion across the Seven Seas of Rye.

Who is Galileo? Where is the Hairy One's lost axe?

Where is the place of living rock?

Anywhere the wind blows." (From Lunch Box Productions)

The musical totally rocks! I loved it! It was also one of the few times that I saw everyone giving standing ovation. The plot was pretty simple but the songs were all awesome! They also made a lot of references to the current rock / pop culture! Even Dick Lee was not spared. Wahahahaha! I am glad that I did not give it a miss. Go and watch it before they disappears! I am so going to get the soundtrack!

One thing I like about watching weekday was there was no crowd. We even sat at Cat 1 seats after interval, so we got "upgraded". I wondered, next time we bought Cat 3 tickets and see if we got upgraded as well. As it seems that Circle 2 and 3 are not opened, so what happened to those ticket holders? Hmm....

Ok now everyone "We will ... We will ... ROCK YOU!"

A "ROCK n ROLL" Polarbear


claudia said...

Wah! You watched already! That's fast! *envy*

And you upgraded yourself leh! Hmm... perhaps I should do what u suggested. haha!

PolarBear said...

Hee... it was a last min thingy. If u managed to do what i suggested can let me know? Thks. Hee....