Friday, April 18, 2008

My last day at work.

Today was my last day at work, manged to do clearance within an hour. So before lunch, I am all ready to leave. Everything went on quite smoothly on the last day. Hee... After saying goodbyes, that was it!

Yesterday, me and a few close colleagues went for a farewell dinner. Crabs @ Mellben! Wow stuff ourselves silly with crabs. Today, they treated me to dim sum at Peach Garden. Hee... Thks for the treat! We shall keep in contact ok!

Now looking forward to a short leave before I start on my new work. There was an email from my new boss asking me to start early if possible. Hee.... Great!

A "looking forward" Polarbear


ladyironchef said...

why no pictures of the crabs? hahahaha

Leonard said...

wah..crabs to celebrate last day of work...

LIC is right, why no photo of crabs, finished all at one go ah?