Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cannot believe this actually happened!

This morning, got a shocked when my manager told me that HR is asking if I would consider to cut short of my one month notice and leave the company earlier.

My first thought was WHY?

In the end, the answer was so that the company can cut down on the cost and refrain from paying an employee who will be doing nothing until my last day. I "volunteered" to leave early then. For the record, they wanted me to leave like tomorrow, and I pushed it back to next Friday instead.

Based on the contract that I signed with my company was to give ONE MONTH'S NOTICE which I did and now they want me to leave earlier. I still got 4 days of leave which I intend to encash at first, and was approved in the first place. Now it will be used instead.

Well it could be a blessing in disguise but I just dun like the way my company is handling this issue.

If HR is not the one making decisions, I wonder who is the one then? Well I am going to have a good talk with the HR manager during my exit interview. To say that my company is a BIG ESTABLISHED company in Singapore some more and got to resort to this to save cost. OMG!

A "very annoyed" Polarbear

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