Sunday, April 06, 2008

A dancing bear!

The weekend was super tiring for this Polarbear.

It started off on Friday where he went gym and did Body Pump and Step. It has been a very long time since he did Step, but managed to do the whole routine without any major problems. Wahahahaha! Time to do more Step classes!

Saturday, woke up early to catch one of the Singapore Film Festival movies, Lucky 7 @ National Museum. This experimental film has 7 directors in it, where each of them shot 10 -12 mins of the film, after having watched the last min of work by the last director. The only catch is they have to use the same main actor. Well to me, this movie started off pretty well, but then lost focus in between as each different director tried to tackle different issues but not giving any thoughts to the storyline. Good effort for them.

After which, went to gym to do the last "mixed track" before the launch of the new Body Combat 35 on Sunday. Went home after that cos going clubbing at night! Yeah!

Met up with Claudia, Rayner, Jonathan, Christine and Doris at UE Square, En Japanese Dining Bar, for dinner. (Look out for the review). Yebber people is my new group of Makan kakis. Every meal with them is fun with endless topics as well. The only bad thing is before one dinner is over, we started planning like the next 3 dinners already. Wahahahaha.

Next is the event hat we had been talking for long but yet to be carried out, in the end only 4 people went clubbing! To me, Dbl O is a place where only NS men and girls hang out. Reason being the drinks there are dirt cheap @ $12 per jug! However I think I am wrong, there are a lot of youths (aged 35 and below) there as well. Wahahaha. They still have the bar and the disco area separated, which is good, as when tired can jz walked to the "quiet" area for a while.

In the end, in the castle of Dbl O, there lived a dancing queen, king and prince. Go guess who is the king and queen. What I can say is, I am the prince ok! Wahahahaha! It was retro night but sort of started off a bit late. However, we had fun for nearly 3 hours on the dance floor before we called it a day! Totally crazy!

Slept at 4 plus am but woke up at 8am to go for the launch of Body Combat 35. Well have to say the tracks are not bad but I think will take sometime to get used to it. Do like the Hairspray track though. The conditioning track is also a killer as well. Well good or not good, still going to do it for the next 2 weeks before they mixed the tracks again.

After which, rushed to St Regis. YES! The 6-star hotel for dim sum @ Yan Ting. Thks to someone's recommendation. Even before we pay the cab driver, the doors of the cab were already open by the zealous doorman. Once inside, we were awed by the 1930s European decoration. Even the lift is carpeted with a bench inside some more. Wow! More about the lunch in the review. Hee....

I ended my weekend activities there and went home and rest for the night. Totally shagged out!

A "very shagged out" Polarbear

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claudia said...

I HEART Yebber gatherings!! Next one will be you organise k! haha! *shhhh* secrets! hahaha!