Saturday, April 26, 2008

MayDay Concert: Down to Earth

After a year and they are back! This time bigger and better! It was just awesome! Wahahaha! Finally they decided to hold it at Singapore Indoor Stadium instead of the pathetic Expo Hall. It was a good choice as the location was much better. Stage, sound, seating, everything was much better!

This time round, they added something new. They had added a runway along the 2 sides and a bridge that moved up and down. This way, they can get closer to the fans (well those who paid top price only!), they really get so closed that all the fans are touching them all over! Hee...

The format of this year show was more or less same as last year but they did changed the songs. At the start of the concert, all 5 of them came down from a space ship looked alike platform! The concert started off strong and everyone was on their feet the moment the 5 of them appeared on stage! I was quite surprised to see an old lady (at least 60 yrs old and above) seating behind me! I was even more surprised when she stood up in some point of the concert for a short while. Erhh... maybe we were blocking her view lah. Wahahahaha!

The high point of the concert when they started running around the runway and the bridge started to lower! There they were right in front of us cos the bridge was right in front of us! Wahahahaha! Glad that they did spent some time on the bridge. They only used the bridge 2 times. Well, I must say, they should use it more often! Hee....

This time there was not really an encore portion, or was there one? They did not really end with a big bang as I expected. This was quite weak as compared to the last concert! However, my friends and I did enjoyed ourselves very much! Hee....

So they say they will take some time off after this concert to write songs and be back in 2009. 2009? Hmm... That is like next year! If they really come back next year, this means they come back every year for concert since 2007! OMG! They better have a new album in between before they come back again! Not to mention that they are earning big bucks as well!

A "rocked out" Polarbear

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