Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Choir Experience

All thks to LLT and her student, I experienced my first Choir experience @ Victoria Hall. It was a school performance and to let the choir group to have some exposure to perform in front of an audience as well.

Let talk about the performance first. For me, it was a great effort from the students of cos there are things that I can be picky about but overall I enjoyed the performance. The only thing is I dunno what they are singing half the time. The ending finale was, I think, inspired by High School Musical, a whole string of Disney's songs. It was pretty entertaining.

The conductor themselves are pretty entertaining as well. They looked so animated when they are waving their hands!

Next I wanna to talk about the audience. Well since it was a school performance. Most of them are students, or alumni, it does sounds like I am attending a pop concert with all the screams going around me when the concert was about to start. Even when the choir was singing on stage, they also chatted loudly, creating disturbance during the performance. They ought to be taught a lesson on RESPECT!

The next thing I want to touch on is, WHAT ARE THE FASHION SENSE OF THE YOUNG KIDS NOW? They are all trying to dress in order to look older or mature but 80% ended looking like fashion disaster. I think the "Devil" in Prada will murder them the moment she laid her eyes on they. It is so funny to see what they are wearing, especially guys wearing over sized clothes or jackets. I also nearly fainted when I saw them. Of cos, there are kids that are dressed nicely and presentable as well.

I will make sure next time my kid will not make the same mistake! Wahahaha!

A "what are they thinking" Polarbear


Leonard said...

phew, i think it's more on fashion sense than the choir!!

i myself also never been to a choir performance too! ;)

PolarBear said...

@ Leonard: Well I got nothing much to ay about the performace. It was the fashion sense that got me mouth big big! Wahahahaha!