Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A trip to the Dentist!

When I was in primary school, I dun like to see a student taking a white card walking into class room. Cos it means someone in the class will be summoned to the dentist! At that time everyone hope that their names will not be called. One of my classmates even burst into tears when her name is being called. Wahahaha!

So when my mum and LLT asked me to go and visit the dentist, I jz chose to ignore it. Then the stress of going started to come in and I decided to jz go and do it for all. An appointment was made with LLT's dentist since her clinic is near my office as well. The days leading to the appointment were very anxious anticipation. Well, the truth is I last visit a dentist was like 2 years ago. I knew my teeth are in very bad state as well.

So on the fateful day (today), we headed toward Apex Dental Surgery after work. The clinic is a small but well equipped one with friendly assistant and dentist as well. I heard that they had been very interested to meet me for the longest time. Wahahaha. It was really very funny and for me embarrassed. It jz felt like meet the parents session. So first in LLT, which only took her like only 20 mins then came my turn!

When I went into the room, I saw nothing but the dentist chair only, but the dentist, Dr Tan, is kind enough to see that I am nervous and made some small talk with me before starting the procedure. After verifying some of my allergies, she began to start work on my teeth. The drill like tool was placed in my mouth and the sound of the drill started to flood into my ears. While she was gently cleaning my teeth, I was like looking somewhere else trying to distract myself, at the same time reminding to open my mouth wide so that the drill will not go crazy in my mouth.

Dr Tan is really professional and gentle, telling me that it will have to take some time for her to clear the dirt in between the teeth and some level of pain might be experienced. In between, she will still engaged me in some small talk, while she is cleaning away. At times, she will stop and ask me rinse my mouth to clear away all the dirt.

After about 40 mins of work and I mean hard work, she is finally done. I am done. Not without her, telling me about my wisdom tooth and my 5 holes that needs fillings as well. The cost of cleaning of teeth $70. Finally the "nightmare" is over and I left the clinic with clean teeth again! Think I will be back soon for the fillings and a 6 monthly check up.

A "clean teeth with a bright smile" Polarbear

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