Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yebber First Birthday Party!

Happy First Birthday Yebber!

Today is the PARTY OF THE YEAR for Yebber! I was more than happy to be invited and be part of the party as well! Woohoo!

Claudia had asked me to be the emcee for the night and I was honoured to do that. Hee... But stressed at the same time. *Sweat* Wahahaha!

The event is held at MINT, a toy museum. A beautiful place where a personal collection of toys were exhibited! I was there before on a guided tour and was really impressed with the collection of toys and not to mention that at any one time, it will only consist of 10% (I think) of the collection where the rest are stored in a warehouse in Ang Mo Kio. This is my second visit to this place and have to say that I was totally impressed and felt in loved with this place in my first visit! It will be a good place to held my 30th birthday there as well. Hee....

A guide there, Roger (I think) was kind enough to show us the rooftop as well, it was good enough to hold a BBQ and at the same time, if there are fireworks at the Marina Bay, it will be a great place to see them there!

We were there to report at 5pm only to find out that we are the earliest. Hee... (Got to mention here we volunteered to help out one hor!) Not long after, the rest of the working party arrived and we started to become movers. Shifting up goodies bag, laptops and many other things. Setting up the place was easy especially with the help of the special staff there. Without them, we could not have get all the things ready in the time before the guests arrived! So exciting! Of cos we still managed to find time to cam whore as well. (Click here for Photos here) In fact we are all excited and crazy for the party to get started!

Seeing Claudia and Darren so stressed out over their speech, they sure got me started to get all nervous as well. I have done a lot of emcee jobs, but this is my first one (The Christmas event don't count) for Yebbers. Got partners, sponsors and Yebber bosses coming, so cannot disgrace Yebber or my face leh. Wahahaha....

Soon the 3rd floor became very crowded with guest and it seems that everyone know everyone. Wahahaha.... It suddenly becomes like a big networking session! For me, I just stand one side making myself sane for the event! Wahahaha! I am quite happy to see a few people who I have know their nicknames and finally got to see them in real life.

Around 7.30pm, decided to start off the event and have to say, it was quite difficult to get everyone attention. A mic will definitely do me good. Lucky for me, I was born with a loud and solid voice. I think everyone did managed to hear me. Hee...

During the party, there are games like Bingo and lucky draw to give away lots of prizes from vouchers, Creative mp3 players, web cams and optical mouses. I was lucky enough to win a Creative Webcam myself. Wahahaha! A bit pai seh to announce my own name some more.

What is a party without food right? There was a buffet of some good and decent food. Have to say that even though I only got time for one serving of food, but have to say that my favourites are the mushroom bruschetta and the chicken. I did not managed to help myself to the desserts where are a lot of tasty looking cakes. What a pity!

The event went through pretty smoothly even though there are small hiccups here and there but overall I give the party 4 stars out of 5 so that there will be room for improvements. Hope I did good enough to make everyone enjoyed the program as well. Hee...

So again A Happy Birthday to Yebber and many more wonderful years to come! Hope to see many of you all in the upcoming events!

A "still excited" Polarbear

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