Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Same as before? Hmm....

We used to be to same class for half a year but never acknowledged each other existence. Dunno what happen and we sort of becoming good frens.

To you, I am jz an acquaintance or even worse a nobody.

To me, you are and still one of my best friends.

Things did not change even when we graduated, went to NS, and started working. We still made time for each other or jz keep each other posted on updates.

Hmm... things started to change when I got attached and you started studying. The distance between us seem getting further and further away. It does not help when I start to wonder about ur career choice and getting a car.

Now it seems like you only contact me when there is problems at school work or when you need help. When I tried to meet you, you are always busy. If other friends can make an effort to meet, I wonder y you can't. I know you really that bz at times but jz to meet up and la kopi, that difficult meh?

A few mins ago, met you to pass you some cd. Talked less than 5 sentences before you drive off. Sigh....

Am I expecting too much as a friend?

A "sad" Polarbear

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