Monday, March 03, 2008

Have you YEBBER alr?

Hmm.... If you all had been wondering what is the big round thing by the side of my blog? Well click on it, it will leads you to somewhere where you can have a lot of fun!

Yebber is a place that was introduced to me by my friend, but now it seems that I am now active than him. Wahahaha.

So what is so great about Yebber?

1. It is a place where the reviews are unbiased and all is based on personal reviews and experiences. For me, I mainly focus on eating places cos I loved to eat! I also get to know a lot of new eating places where I will never know!

2. Not to mention for every review you read or write, you get to earn Yebber dollars which can be converted into Singapore Dollars! So the more you write, the more money you earn!

3. There is a great bunch of people that I get to know. Totally crazy and fun-loving people!

4. There are also monthly events where we would meet up and do something total crazy! OMG! Below is one of the makan session we had recently.

So what are you waiting for? Click on it and find out the fun yourself! Enjoy!

Pls feel free to add comments on my reviews as well!

This March, Yebber is officially ONE YEAR OLD! Happy Birthday Yebber! Wish you many more good years to come!

Hope to have more events coming up and looking forward to meeting you all fun-loving people soon!

A "still got a lot of outstanding reviews to write" Polarbear

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claudia said...

Woot! Nice! Thanks to the "still got alot of outstanding reviews to write" Polarbear!

Hmmm... who is the friend who introduced you to Yebber? Ask him/her to come join us leh!

Looking forward to the next event!