Monday, March 10, 2008

IT Show @ Suntec

IT show was on over the past 4 days. Initially, I did not has any intention to step near the exhibition hall as I knew that tons and tons of people,from 8 months old to 80 years old, will be there! This time round there was nothing that I need to buy so in order for me not to have any temptation, I decided to stay clear of the area.

Maybe I spoke too soon! Hee....

Saturday, decided to pop in just to check on PSP price for my sis since I already promised her to get one and a friend needed to go in and get a MP3 player so in we went into the crowd! OMG! The crowd was really huge and there are a lot of choke points even before we stepped into the exhibition hall. This time round, the IT show occupied 4 floors, which means the whole area already!

Level 1: Canon Redemption Area.

Level 3: Starhub, Sony

Level 4: Major brands

Level 6: All other brands

So this time round went Sony to check PSP price but sad to say there is no promotion. Then to found out that my sis also actually at the IT show as well. Next stop Samsung, squeeze in through the crowd. Totally crazy, with so many people and most of them are either pulling a printer, LCD TV, laptop and many other things! So who say Singaporeans are poor int he first place? Hmm.... My friends got what she wanted and we got out of the place before you can say Samsung! On my way out, made a mental note that they are selling a 32" Sony LCD TV @ $899. Maybe mum is interested. Hee....

Sunday, my sis told my mum about the TV offer, got her excited and decided to go down and take a look. OMG again! On the last day the crowd is simply maddening! Seem like everyone is here for some cheap sales. I think this is one of the few times that me and my mum actually bought something on an impulse. Yes! In less than 5 mins, we are so called proud owners of the TV. Nope I did not pushed the TV all the way home, instead, it will be delivered to my house instead. My aunt was with us as well looking for a digital camera, also in less than 5 mins, she is a proud owner of Ixus 75. Wahahaha. Totally crazy!

After which, we moved out of the area double time, settled all the lucky draw and redemption stuff and end the day with dinner. Pls note that we took less than 10 mins to decide to buy, 30 mins to queue for payment and 30 mins to queue for lucky draw!

This time round although the organisers said that they expanded the walkway to 4 m but I still think they could do better. The management of the place could be done better as well. There is a few bottlenecks especially the one at Food Republic, that one is a killer and with people moving carrying hot food etc. If any one want to do anything funny, they could do it there as there are large boxes lying around at any one time. It seems that they security guard are just minding their own business at the entrance.

I also notice a lot of people just go in and collect brochures. So what is the use of doing that when you dun intend to buy anything? Like to squeeze with the crowd? After collecting the brochure, I am 99% sure that they will land up in the dustbin, worse still on the floors of the exhibition area.

One last complaint, can we bar all the parents from bringing in their baby prams into the exhibition hall. It is already so packed and yet still push a pram along. Babies, young kids and pram should be left outside the hall and have someone to look after them. IT show is not the place for leisure shopping anyway. I gena a lot of time of prams pushed to my poor leg and feet. Not to mention if the kid or baby went missing. OMG!

To survive IT show, you need to decide what you going to buy even before you step into the hall. it is possible now as all the prices would be in the newspapers anyway. Then just stay focus, go in and buy what you want and get out of the place.

Looking at everyone leaving with LVD TVs, printer, laptops... Hmm.... who say Sporeans have no money?

A "need some fresh air" Polarbear

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Anonymous said...

woo.. lcd tv are getting cheaper and cheaper, and to think my house tv are still the old-school type one. lol