Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rule #1... So what is Rule #1?

Haa... for those who knew me well, would have know that I am a big fan of scary / horror movies. I loved to watch them yet spent half of the time with my hands in front of my eyes. Hee... Yes I am a scary cat. So when this came out, I knew this is one of the movies that I have to watch. Hee....

RULE #1 is a horror-thriller about cops. There are no helpless female victims here. Instead, the prey are policemen who, despite possessing guns, find themselves at their wits’ end when confronted by bloodthirsty ghouls and spirits. RULE #1 takes place in an unnamed Asian city and tells the story about two cops - a rookie and veteran. As the body count rises and our two protagonists find themselves ankle-deep in blood, themes of bonding, faith, heroism and betrayal are explored. As good battles evil, the line is drawn somewhere between the truth and lies. This is no man’s land. This is gray.

I have to say that Kelvin Tong aka the director is back after The Maid. This one has to be one of his best horror movie to date! The story plot is good, with an unexpected twist at the end! There are a lot of scary and suspense scenes which really got me sitting at the edge of the movies like 80% of the time! This movie deserves to be rated 4.5 stars out of 5. Totally scary good!

Hmm.... so do you believe in ghost? I do. What about you?

A "scary cat" Polarbear

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