Wednesday, March 05, 2008

L Change the World: Death Note 3?

To me, this movie is not the 3rd movie of the Death Note series but it is just happened that the same characters are inside.

The story is about after solving the Kira case, another serious case confronts L and he has only 23 days left to solve it. Why 23 days? Cos he wrote his own name in the Death Note. Someone had created a very deadly virus and intend to sell it to the highest bidder. However the antidote was not created. A scientist happened to make the antidote and it nearly fall into the wrong hands. At the same time a village is infected with it but a boy was immune to it. The boy was rescued and sent to L for protection and to find out why. The scientist girl in order to take revenge for her dad, injected herself with the virus sample, but the symptoms where not shown on her as well. So L is out to solve the mystery before he died. Did he died or he did not? Hmm....

At first I thought that this movie is about L finding out the mystery behind the death note. I was so wrong. It was about solving a virus problem. Hmm.... There were some funny moments and exciting moments as well. Still, I dun think it is as good as Death Note 1 and 2. Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

A "change the world?" Polarbear

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