Monday, December 10, 2012

Setting up HTC One X+

Getting a new phone is always exciting yet terrified.

Why terrified, cos it is like stepping into the unknown. This will set the trust between the user and the phone. Hence if the set up of the new phone is easy, the relationship between the phone and the user will be off to a good start.

I am glad to say that for HTC One X+, the set up was as easy as 1,2,3!

Upon receiving the phone, the packaging was nice. The phone is like an egg sitting nicely inside an egg cardboard box. The phone looks precious, sitting on top when the box is open. As usual, all the common accessories are hidden beneath the phone.

Next is the set up of the phone, usually this is a nightmare part for most of the people.

What is most important part? To me it is The Contacts! When transferring from one phone to another especially between different brands of phones, can be quite a chore.

For HTC, they made it simple. Just by a touch of a few buttons, the contacts, sms would be transferred to the new phone via Bluetooth! Wala!

It works with almost all brands and models of phones!

For me, the contacts got imported but not the sms. However, this does not bother me that much.

HTC had set up a website to make the phone set up on a website rather than on the phone. Instead of going through different screens on your phone to make selection for wallpaper/apps/email accounts etc, you can just set up the phone by doing the following steps:

1. Go to HTC Get Started
2. Create a HTC account
3. Select your phone model
4. Following the step by step instructions to set up the phone.
5. Log into via the phone and all the set up will be loaded into the phone

This makes the whole set up process so simple.

Once all these are done, your new HTC phone is all ready to be used! Just gone through the set up and I am already falling in love with this phone.

A "Got a new phone to play with" Polarbear

Note: This is part of a two weeks trial for the loaned HTC One X+.

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