Saturday, December 15, 2012

HTC One X+ Battery Life

HTC ONe X+ has been fitted a 2100mAh rechargeable  Li-ion Polymer battery. It is supposed to last 35% longer for all day performance on a single charge as stated on their website.

Based on my current usage of HTC One X+ phone, the battery is able to last up to 2 days before I would need to charge the battery again. I am impressed by it as the current phone that I am using, I would need to charge on a daily basis!

There is a Power app in Setting where you can see the history of the battery in terms of a graph. It also shows when the power is being used when it is awake, wifi on, screen on or charging happens. You can able to see from the chart above, I am trying to use up the battery before I do a full charge again.

As the phone battery is in-built and I do not have a mobile charger for this phone, I charge it on a daily basis whenever I go to sleep. So that I will not have the phone die on my half way through the day.

I have been using the phone for the past week. Overall, I have to say that I am satisfied the battery life of HTC One X+ as it has performed beyond my expectations.

A "Got a new phone to play with" Polarbear

Note: This is part of a two weeks trial for the loaned HTC One X+.

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