Thursday, December 20, 2012

My short but wonderful experience with HTC One X+

All thanks to Starhub and HTC, me and 49 people have the chance to try HTC One X+ for 2 weeks.

For me, I had never been a HTC or Android user. I had been always a BIG fan of the other brand and OS. I think that is enough information to let you guess which phone I am using now. Hee....

In a matter of days, I am convinced to use HTC One X+ as my primary phone!

I am not going to state all the specifications / details / reviews of this phone. You can click on the links below to read it yourself.

1. HTC One X+ Page

2. CNET Review on HTC One X and HTC One X+

I will give my own review of the phone and how come I would to love to own this phone so much!

When I first received the phone, I found the packaging interesting. The box is like an egg carton and the phone is set inside the box like a precious egg. The packaging, like the phone, neat and clean cut.

First look on the screen, I loved the big LCD display. The casing is clean cut. The battery in a internal one. However, the rear camera len is protruding out of the back casing, I would prefer it to flush level with the back casing instead.

Upon switching it on for the first time, I was impressed with the bright screen and the ability to bring out the colours to its true form. It feels like watching HD TV. It is good for watching HD videos on you tube now. Below is a screen capture when I was watching the new Superman trailer.

The setting up of the phone was simple and easy for all ages of people to follow. You can read it here.

The first function I tested for HTC One X+ was the camera. With such a good camera, it really took amazing pictures, similar to point and shoot or DSLR cameras. It is able to bring out the details and colours of the picture. With the available camera functions like HDR, Touch Screen to Capture and many more, there are no reason for you to take lousy pictures again. Below are some of the pictures that I took with the camera and the pictures are in their original form.

No worries about the phone running out space to keep all your pictures. With 64 GB internal memory and 25GB of drop box space, there is more than enough for everything that you want to keep in the phone.
The purpose of taking all these photos is so that I can share it online with all my friends via social media like FB and Twitter. Using all these apps at the same time is smooth going, all thanks to the super fast Quad processor, there is no lag in the phone speed when I am multi-tasking.
I always use the phone as my music player, with inbuilt BEATS Audio Amplifier, listening to music is never the same for me again. It just makes me feels like the singer is singing in front of me live!
Now, with so much things going on with the phone, I would tend to worry for the battery life. Usually I would get a portable battery charger whenever I go. With HTC One X+, I can say that the battery is able to last me for at least 1.5 to 2 days for my normal usage of the phone! This is really a bonus.
Of course no product is perfect. I do have a few grouses about this phone.
1. The screen is quite reflective especially when using outdoors, making it quite hard to see what is on the screen.
2. The battery tend to heat up rather quickly and hot when I am multi-tasking.
3. The BEATS Audio does not work when on speaker mode and no BEATS earphones as well to enjoy the full spectrum of music.
4. The local version does not come with LTE (4G).

Still, I totally loved this phone and what it is able to do! All my friends were also impressed when I showed them the phone and what it is capable of doing!

My Birthday (which is coming) and XMAS wish would be able to own one HTC One X+ very soon! Hee...

A "Wish I got a HTC One X+ phone for XMAS" Polarbear

Note: This is part of a two weeks trial for the loaned HTC One X+.

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