Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cats: The Musical

Since they announced that CATS will be coming, I bought the tickets once they started selling it, which was 6 months ago. Due to my "job" then, we decided to buy the very last show in Singapore.

Since we have been to a few musicals, we thought that the start time will be at 8pm. However while we were still relaxing at Toastbox, drinking coffee, flipping papers. Suddenly I saw in the papers that the show was going to start at 7pm, I then took out the tickets and realised that the ticket printed 7pm as well. The time on my clock reflected 7pm, immediately we packed up and rushed to the venue, hoping that we will make it in time. Within 5 mins, we reached. Phew! The musical had not started and we manged to get our butts to our seats. The musical started shortly after that. Lucky us. Haha... Having such a drama before the actual drama itself. Haha.

The musical itself was good. The whole decoration of the hall, the stage and even cats were prowling around on and off the show. They are really like cats. Hee... The dancing were superd and of cos the song "Memory" was wonderful! The energy of the performers in the show were top notch as they danced effortlessly for 3 hours during the shows. Luckily we made it in time for the show. Hee...

A "cats lover" Polarbear

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