Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thank you for nothing

I think today is the worst day of my work day in the so call new work place. After a delay for so long, my boss finally decided to talk to me. I was wondering how come it too him so long to find the courage to talk to me, after all he was not that busy for the past few days.

I knew what was coming up and I was correct. He just told me the whole crap and I just refused to say anything since I already my mind before he spoke to me. I think both parties at fault but then again I do not agree with the way that the matter was being handled. His points are way too off and he kept crapping on the same old points. To me he is not fit to be a boss as all. No EQ, No IQ! He is better off making roti pratas as he has shown that he had changed his decision faster than a roti prata man flipped his roti prata.

Well, since before this I already knew what is my next move and hope that I will be able to get it done soon. Dun lose hope!

Any one got any new job lobang?

A "pissed off" Polarbear


Anonymous said...

is it a problem with you or a problem with the company? from your blog, it seemed that this is the 'N'th time you're facing issues with your work.

PolarBear said...

Yes, I think everyone faces issues with work. Over at my side, the turnover rate is very high. So is this is my problem or a problem with the company? Hmm.... I wonder.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't be able to comment much on that. but what i do know is that for a company's turnover to be high, it takes 2 hands to clap. :)

PolarBear said...

Haha... True. Thanks for the comment.