Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Time Traveller's Wife

After a "long" break of not watching any movies (for 2 weeks), we finally got the chance to watch this movie which she want to watch. I did have a bit of expectation for this movie before watching.

The movie is about a love story between a normal human being and a time traveller. It shuffles from time to time, a bit hard to catch the pace of the movie if not paying attention. The last bit was expected and not touching. I am wondering why there are gals crying their hearts out. Hmm.... The acting is pretty good but the story plot had gaps which did not explain a lot of things. Therefore a lot of questions marks by the end of the movie.

Overall, I give this movie 2 stars out of 5. I really find this movie quite a bore.

A "no power to time travel" Polarbear

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