Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Feedback session

This morning, HR Manager suddenly want to meet me and talk to me. In the end, it became a feedback session of where I am supposed to improve on. Out of the 3 points that was mentioned, I am guilty of one but the rest that was brought up was rubbish. I listen and tried to explained myself. However now it seems like I cannot fit into the company culture. Felt so fustrated! If my boss is having some problem with me, i hope that my boss can talk to me direct and not through someone else, especially we are working in such a small company. Sigh....

Think it is really time for me to start to actively look for a job again.

To think after the session, it was ended with "Please let me have some justification to give you a pay raise". With my probation coming to an end, I am waiting to see if they are really going to give me a pay raise. What a joke!

A "getting demoralised" Polarbear

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