Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is the second time that I caught them live. This time I am seating close to them to see their sweat flying around the stage.

After the show, I was totally blown away by them, I was impressed by them. How can they make noise out of those day to day items? Their timing is good and can see that the whole team is working together to perform such a good show. There was humour in the show which makes the show more interesting.

The format was more or less the same as I seen them in the first time but seeing them up close makes the difference. I really like the lighter part and the brooms part. Of course the ending was really "BOOMZ". Haha.... Just have to use that word. With all the clapping really makes my hands hurt. it will be good if they ask everyone to stand and dance to their music. That will be really cool!

If they coming again, I am so going to watch it again. Hmm... so now I am going to make some noise (music) now. Hee...

A "motivated to make some noise" Polarbear

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