Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kumar - Stripped bare & Standing Up

Remember I was totally entertained by Kumar show in 2007 that when I saw he got a new show coming up, I just jumped on it and went to buy the tickets for it.

There are only 4 shows and we bought the last show. Thinking the best for the last. I think I have high expectations for the show. It took my by surprise the the show was only 90 mins long and there was not going to have any interval. There was no change of backdrop, only 1 backdrop, no change of costumes, only 1 dress and only 1 Kumar. There was a short dance and a very abrupt end to the whole thing.

Luckily for Kumar, he is so funny that he is able to just talk and talk for the whole of 90 mins and get away with. A lot of racist and political jokes, no thanks to the writers. All in all, I think it was just an ok show and I would not have paid for much for the show. I would have just buy a cheaper ticket.

A "not so impressed" Polarbear

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