Sunday, April 07, 2013


Recently, I just got my first Android phone. As I moved from an OS to another, I was totally unfamiliar with the new Android OS. I got no clue where to start from with the new OS.

Lucky for me, I found out that Starhub had created a series of Andriod Applications to assist newbies like me to set up my new phone with ease.

The first application (app) that I started off is APPvisor. What is APPvisor? From this app, it is similar to the Andriod Play Store but the contents are localised. It is a good way to start downloading the applications with local content. The starting page of the app had different categories which will lead you to the common and popular apps under that specific category.

If you got no idea what app to look for, you can try Discoverio. Just tap on the gears in the brain, it will random generate some topics which will lead to the applications related to the topic.

In Appvisor, there is a faster way to locate all the popular apps. There are 3 “top” list, Top 25 Paid, Top 25 Free and Starhub Apps. This will be a good starting place to start downloading apps, especially from Top 25 Free list. 

So if you are a Starhub and Andriod phone user, I would recommend that you can try downloading this app first as your first app! 

Below is a list of Starhub created apps that you can download as well.

A "where to start for Android newbie" Polarbear

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