Sunday, March 17, 2013

Samsung UNPACKED 2013 Launch Event

The long awaited event finally happened on 14 Mar 2013 (Singapore time 15 Apr 13, 7am)! I watched the live streaming over You Tube, anticipating for the unveiling of the latest member of the Galaxy family, Galaxy S4.
Instead of talking of the phone here, I am going about the launch event itself first.
The event was hosted in New York, Radio City Music Hall. Prior to the event, Samsung had billboards all over New York Time Square to hype up the launch.

The event was carried out in a very Hollywood awards ceremony style. It looks more like an award ceremony than an event to launch a new phone.
The event started where the 2 Samsung teasers advertisement left off.  Jeremy Maxwell “the messager” walking onto the stage with the “Unpacked” box. The host, Will Chase, did a short introduction and introduced J.K Shin, President and Head IT and Mobile Communication Division, who introduced and unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy S4.
From left to right: Will Chase and “Jeremy Maxwell”, J.K Shin and Ryan Bidan

After the phone was unveiled, Shin handed the reins over to Ryan Bidan, Director Of Product Marketing to show what Samsung S4 can do. At this time, the presentation turns into a Broadway show and via singing and acting, it showed what the phone can do.
I will be talking the functions of the phone on a later posting.
Through four very different acts, it did managed to highlight the functions of the phone and how the normal users (like us) to use the phone on a daily basis.

After big fanfare, the show wrapped up and the front of the stage was turned into a big exhibition area for audience to view and play with the phone.
I liked the launch event. From the ad teaser leading the way to the actual launch event, it shows how much effort Samsung put into this launch. It was just not a boring presentation with 1 person talking away about how good the phone was but it showed the functions via an interesting way of song and dance.
After all, they went all the way to New York to do the launch rather than to do it in South Korea instead. I wonder why. Hmm…
So if you missed and want to watch the launch, you can always watch it on You Tube.
Please comment if you like the launch event.
Coming up next, I will be talking about the phone and what are my favorite functions of the phone.
Please note that the pictures are screen captures from the live streaming of the show.
A "excited to see the phone" Polarbear

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