Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dark Knuts - Welcome to Avenue Quantum

It seems like an annual event to attend this funny play. As usual, this year, they spoofed most of the last year events and movies, of cos with my favourite Avenue Q as the main link.

After watching the show, have to say that they are quite good but still at parts there were some awkward pauses here and there, which broke the flow of the play. They are still funny as well especially with the reference to the Ch 8 big hit "Little Nyonya".

In order to appreciate this show, you need to at least have an idea or have seen the actual show in order to understand what are they trying to spoof.

However, after watching the show for a few years, I am beginning to think if I am going to watch next year show. Hmm....

A "spoofed" Polarbear

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